My Amazonia!

series My Series of Samples

You can customize the choice of samples you want to see in your histograms. You can either select predifined series of samples or build your own selection of samples by going on this page. This will modify the histograms that will appear on your query result page.
If you are logged in (click here to register freely to Amazonia!) your customized series of samples will be preserved in your personal settings. You can also export the customized series as a XML file (click here).

lists My Lists of Genes

You can enter your own lists of genes (click here). So you can go directly to the expression pattern of each of these genes without making any query, visualize the expression all the genes of a list in one experiment, and when you are on the expression page of a gene you are informed if this gene is part of one of your series or one of the public series. If you are logged in (click here to register), your lists of genes will be saved. Several lists are public, i.e. they are of general interest (for instance genes preferentially expressed in one type of tissue or cancer) and have been declared public by the administrator. You may submit to our consideration lists that you find of general interest and you want us to put public (contact us).

bookmarks My Bookmarks

When you find an interesting probe, you can add it to your bookmarks by clicking on the star bookmark. If you are logged in (click here to register), your bookmarks will be saved. You can have up to 50 probes bookmarked. You can transfer those probes to any of your lists of genes by clicking on "manage bookmarks". You can export the bookmark file as a XML file (click here).

annotations My Annotations

You can annotate any gene by clicking on the icon. This annotation will be kept private, unless you find it of general interest and the administrator put it as public. Currently, you can only annotate genes with an Entrez Gene number.

My Groups

To create your own group and decide who is part of your group ( under construction ... )

My Samples

To include your own transcriptome data and determine whether samples are public or not. ( under construction ... )

Customize your Histograms

You will be able to customize the size, color, font etc. of the histograms. These modifications will be saved in your personal settings. You will be able to export these settings. ( under construction ... )

manage Import/Export

You can save your personal settings as an XML file by clicking here. You can import XML files by clicking here. This allows you to share your personal settings with other users of Amazonia!

plugin Search Plugin for FireFox

By installing this plugin for Firefox, you can directly query the amazonia! website for the expression of any gene. Download the plugin here !

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